Radeo Rival

Radeo Rival Mascot History

Radeo finds herself living in a post-apocalyptic world skating around, protecting herself with a make shift sledgehammer she made from all the surrounding wreckage. She is a derby girl. She wears a gas mask because of the apocalypse. She goes on quests for food and saves other women from harm as she uses force behind skating and wielding her weapon to kill enemies. She gradually grows her own girl power community and they live at the Slayground. For their own sanity and entertainment, they built BLT (big little track) during their confinement and play Banked Track Roller Derby to 1 – build strength, agility, etc 2 – grow camaraderie and confidence to get through anything, and 3 – just to have a fun time! 

The Rivals: Next Generation History

Many of the women that Radeo brought to her safe haven had small children. These children grew to love the sport of Banked Track Roller Derby. They came from an underprivileged world and found self-confidence, learned life skills and empowerment through teamwork and athleticism.