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We Want You!

No experience necessary! We train you! Do not have your own gear and/or skates? No worries, we have loaners to offer to get you rolling!

RECRUITMENT NIGHTS: 8/14, 9/11, 10/9, 11/6, 12/4.

Interested ladies, 18+, are invited to come to one of our Recruitment Nights at The Slayground, in St. Pete, at 8:00pm! If you think you may want to get on skates, all you need to bring with you is proof of age, a mouth guard and a bottle of water. Dress comfy (t-shirt and yoga style pants are best; no sweats!). 

Ladies, please email us if you plan on attending:   

Sorry, absolutely NO SPECTATORS during practices. Potential female skaters only. All others will be asked to leave as practices are closed to the public. Please check out a scheduled game if you would like to check us out. Thank you for your consideration.

Interested in training to become a Referee? Please email us at: and we can hook you up. Ref's can be male or female of 18+ years of age and can perform Ref duties on or off roller skates.